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  1. Sello Boikhutso
    August 19, 2019 @ 8:02 am

    Good Morning All,

    Would you please quote for the following standards:-

    1. 1 ml ampule Trihalomethane standard mix(100ug/ml) in methanol(two different batches numbers) 4 ampules per set(UNIQUE BATCH NUMBER FROM THE OTHER FOUR). Chloroform,Bromoform,Dibromochloromethane and Bromodichloromethane in methanol.

    2. 1 ml Ampule for 100ug/ml 1,2-Dibromoethane in methanol * 4

    3. 2 *100ml Volatile Fatty Acid mix 10 Mm in Deionised water matrix(different batch number)


    • potjo
      December 4, 2019 @ 8:07 am

      Hi Sello

      Thank you for the enquiry.

      I am so sorry that I am only responding now to your enquiry.

      We dont monitor the linkedin account regularly.

      Are you still interested in the products that you have listed above, so that I can enquire from our product managers who might assist you?


  2. Venay Puran
    July 15, 2020 @ 10:51 am

    I am looking for a Paraffin Oil standard used for FTIR analysis.


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