Donovan Mcdonalds Old Age Home

Donovan Mcdonalds Old Age Home

We assist Donovan Mc Donald and Tornado old age homes with breakfast packs cleaning packs and prayer. Companies such as Natures Choice, Bodi care, Meals on Wheels, Investec Wealth and Investments collaborate with Stargate Scientific on this initiative.
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Adolescence Right to Care

Adolescence Right to Care

Once a month, we partner with other companies and donate toiletry packs for the children at the Right to Care Adolescence (Helen Joseph Hospital).
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Families in Distress

Families in Distress

On Mandela Day, we took to the streets and handed out food parcels to men trying to find work on the street and to impoverished families in the area. We also delivered food parcels.
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Meals on Wheels: Eldorado Park

Meals on Wheels: Eldorado Park

A monthly donation is given every month to help keep this institution open. The centre provides care for the aged for 5 days a week. Twice a week they do a feeding scheme to the village around them where they feed about 120 families. The centre operates from an uncompleted building which needs ~ R700 000 to complete and we are trying together with other companies to raise the funds to complete this building.
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Meals on Wheels: East Rand

Meals on Wheels: East Rand

The centre runs a lunch club which meets twice a week as well as cook everyday for homeless families of which they have 9 serving point and feed up to 700 people per month. They will soon be moving to bigger premises where they can be more effective in the East Rand. Once they move occurs, we will help them establish a bigger more user-friendly kitchen.
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Polokego Shelter

Polokego Shelter

We visit this shelter every Wednesday morning. They house about 30 Women and 50 kids. The Shelter is run by two ex-teachers. Stargate Scientific donates vegetables, fruits and groceries every week.
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Right to Care (Helen Joseph Hospital)

Right to Care (Helen Joseph Hospital)

Stargate Scientific sponsors meals to Right to Care Clinic 3 days a week every morning. In addition to the meals, motivational books are given to encourage the patients. This is done in collaboration with Health Ministry of the NC and Gauteng Dairy.
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